R. Kelly reacts to accusations

R. Kelly is recently having troubles with the law (Flickr/TheRampage)

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R. Kelly is recently having troubles with the law (Flickr/TheRampage)

Sammy Rubin

The television series Surviving R. Kelly was released on January 3, 2019. It contains six hour-long episodes that detail the accounts and allegations made towards R. Kelly. Within the episodes, some of his accusers have come out and decided to retell what they believe.

On March 6, 2019, Robert Kelly decided to share his side of the stories told about him. Gayle King interviewed the “Ignition” singer, asking him questions regarding sexual abuse and pedophilia. During the interview, Kelly denied every allegation made towards him and got so emotional that the interview needed to be stopped for a few minutes for him to calm down. Many are commending Gayle King for her composure as her interviewee was going on a loud rant.

CNN released a video that analyzed how Kelly’s body language showed signs of the truth. Body language expert Janine Driver examined the movements that were made. When asked if Kelly committed these crimes, he shook his head up and down, which usually indicates that someone is agreeing to something but Kelly was really saying “no.” The exact opposite thing happened when he was asked if he thought people were lying about him. He shook his head sideways, which usually indicates that someone is disagreeing with something but he repeatedly says “absolutely.” Kelly claims that the audience needs to use their common sense about the whole situation, given his success in the music industry. Driver believes that if R. Kelly was actually innocent, then he would have accused his interviewer of being a liar.

There currently is a #MuteRKelly campaign which urges music platforms and record labels to stop playing R. Kelly’s music. This campaign originally was extremely successful because many music platforms removed R. Kelly from their playlists and RCA records decided to drop him. Even musicians are deleting the music that they collaborated with him on. However, #MuteRKelly experienced a setback when music platforms decided to have R. Kelly’s music return to their playlists.  Chicago native, Chance the Rapper made the executive decision to remove his hit song “Somewhere in Paradise” featuring Jeremih and R. Kelly. Chance admits that Making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake. At the time, it wasn’t even present in [his] mind that people could feel any type of way about [R. Kelly’s] presence on a track of [his].

Chance the Rapper fans are thoughtful of the situation and are not mad at Chance for removing the song. Emma Estroff, a sophomore at The Weber School, said “his decision to remove his song with R.Kelly just shows how thoughtful and amazing a person Chance the Rapper really is. He shows that he cares more about supporting sexually abused victims than having a hit song.”

Chance was not the first to do so. Before him, Lady Gaga pulled her 2013 collaboration “Do What U Want” and issued an apology for that song. Celine Dion had a 1998 song “I’m your Angel” with R. Kelly which was platinum certified and was on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks. She recently removed the music video that accompanied this track from YouTube. Also, a representative for Ciara reported that the singer is also making moves to remove her collaborations with him from streaming services.