Weber faculty send-off


10 faculty members will be leaving Weber after this year. (Darin Mcclure/ Flickir)

Joey Rubanenko, Sports Editor

Every year at many schools across the world, teachers and faculty that are dear to many students’ hearts leave their school to take on other opportunities. Here at The Weber School, eleven different teachers and faculty members will not be joining us again next August.

Several teachers and faculty members leaving the school after this year had a lot to say about their favorite memories from their time at the school. Dr. Kevin Goldberg, teacher and dean of the Social Studies department at Weber, proclaimed, “I have so many great memories at Weber. Quiz bowl competitions, student discussions, difficult conversations, athletic events, and lots of laughter. My favorite memory, however, is being part of the team that transformed the Social Studies department into (perhaps) the finest academic unit in the building. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into this, but leaving the department in the best shape that it’s been in for a very long time has been worth it. These are some of the finest Social Studies teachers who I have had the privilege to call friends and colleagues.” Dr. Goldberg was a teacher at The Weber School for four years.

Adding on to favorite memories, Morah Livnat, a Hebrew teacher at the school, said that her favorite memory was watching the first students she ever had at Weber graduate. She said, “that moment was very meaningful to me.” She will be teaching Hebrew at the Atlanta Jewish Academy next year. Ms. Herman, an English teacher that taught at Weber for four years, claimed, “I really enjoyed taking kids to the Paws animal shelter during Tik Day because they had cute puppies.” Ms. Herman will be continuing her teaching career at an international school located outside of Shanghai, China.

The teachers who are leaving are going to miss a lot about Weber. Dr. Goldberg said, “Besides the cookie cakes, I will miss the people; students, staff and faculty. Seeing Bonita at the start and end of each work day is a rare treat, as is having a mentor like Barbara Rosenblit to help elucidate the puzzle of teaching. I am always inspired by my colleagues who go about their day working hard but somehow remain steady in their sheer goodness;  Laura Klingensmith and Dane Butler come to mind, but there are certainly others. The Weber School is fortunate to have leadership who supports faculty ideas and innovations. And the students–the raison d’etre of the school–make everyday an adventure while providing an endless source of professional fulfillment.” Goldberg will be going to teach at Savannah Country Day in Savannah, GA.

Mrs. Sarah Trousdale, Registrar and College Advising Assistant at Weber, said, “I am definitely going to miss working with people who I have grown really close to. I will miss the upcoming senior class; I was really excited to work with them next year.” Mrs. Trousdale will be a college advisor at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School next year because it is much closer to her home than Weber is.

Good luck to all of the teachers and faculty leaving The Weber School! We will miss you!