Humans of Weber


A visual exploration of The Weber School inspired by #humansofnewyork.

Behind the Tie of a Sub
Mr. Bill Carder, a sub at The Weber School, may appear as if he is an ordinary man, but in reality he is an inspiring and motivating educator. Mr. Carder stated, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. People are impatient, but you have to realize that you can’t accomplish what you might want right away. We want that pot of gold right at the bat, but you have to put the work and time in.” He then added, “the thing is that I’ve been teaching since 1970, and this is the first year I didn’t teach a class down in California. I’ve almost taught for 50 years. Being here brings me such enjoyment.” (Kira Berzack)


Praying her Way through High School
Naomi Kuropatwa prays during musical minion at The Weber School. During enrichment, Naomi and a few others started a musical minion to incorporate song in to prayer. “It’s a good way to use your enrichment, ”Kuropatwa said, “and you get food at the end.” (Isaac Lambert)


A Night of History in the Making
On August 22, AP US History Teacher Mike Nance took his class to go hear Richard Gergel speak about his book at the history center. “The event was so energizing for me because Mr. Gergel was such a fabulous speaker and I knew that my students would come away with such a strong impression of the experience.” (Talia Neufeld)
Coach Hall in the Hall
Coach Hall, head coach for flag football, wrestling and soccer, works hard to make sure his team is ready for the first Weber flag football season. Being asked about what coaching football has done for him, he stated, “It makes me want to be perfect, that is just who I am.” He then added on, “I will always be the hardest working person with everything I do. If I want a promotion, I am going to out-work everyone in the office to get that promotion. Working hard creates satisfaction.” (Joey Rubanenko)
Spinning into Sophomore Year
Kira Berzack, a sophomore at Weber, is over the moon that she is no longer a freshman. Today, she can be seen spinning in the hallways with joy as she is no longer considered “fresh meat.” Kira wonders, “Was I ever that young and naive?” (Jo Samuels)
Ms. Corinne Skott is an English teacher at The Weber School. Her path from New Orleans to Atlanta included several stops. When she was in the 5th grade, her family spent a year in New Mexico. But other than that, all of her childhood and education was spent at an all girls school in New Orleans. She credits going to an all girls school for giving her confidence and comfort in front of a class: “I definitely feel like it had a big impact on my education because I was always very talkative in class, and it was a role that I was very comfortable with.” Ms. Skott first wanted to become a teacher because she “loved being a student.” However, it was her love of encouraging students to find their own voices that keeps her in the classroom. She continues to play a large role and impact the Weber community. (Cate Samuels)
Rachel Miller is originally from Maryland in an area called Ellicott City which was about 20 minutes from Baltimore. Ms. Miller is very passionate about where she is from as seen when you look at her tattoo of a crab on her wrist which represents her hometown. Ms. Miller has worked with people her entire life and had a very close friend that worked at The Weber School that informed her about the job to work as the Director of Learning Enrichment. She had never been in education or teaching before she was hired for this job. When asked if she likes working with kids, you will always hear her says that she “loves it!” In her free time, she loves going to the gym, cooking, and hanging out with her son.