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The saddening aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

The saddening aftermath of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Kira Berzack, Digital Media Editor

On Aug. 24, 2019, a hurricane developed surrounding the Bahamas. This was the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. This hurricane is referred to as Hurricane Dorian. Paulina Dedaj, a reporter for Fox News, stated, “Fifty people were killed after the Category 5 hurricane battered through thousands of homes on the Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands on Sept. 1.” This drastic storm left over 70,000 people homeless.

The after effect of this hurricane is devastating. Thousands of people were ripped out of their homes, their jobs and their daily lives. They are left stranded at the beginning of a long and dark tunnel. An estimate has been made, stating that the damages from the storm are about seven billion dollars. 

This beautiful island may not be our physical home, but it is definitely a vacation destination many Weber students have traveled to, or hope to. This is exemplified by a quote from Joey Rubanenko. Joey, a senior at Weber, stated, “My friends and I always talk about how the Bahamas is a close and incredible destination to travel to,” he then added “We all really wanted to go there for our big senior spring break.” 

Many people around the world have begun creating opportunities to help. Michael Jordan, a six-time NBA champion, donated one million dollars to the Bahamas recovery. This is not the norm of helping out, nor is it the only way one can make an impact. There are so many different ways one can help whether it is sending clothing or money donations.

Mr. Bill Carder, a substitute at the Weber School said, “Often times when I think about this, I think of how lucky my wife and I are to be living in Atlanta because we are inland and not really subject to any kind of major hurricane. It makes me think that we do not think enough of the people that have been hurt and that have died, so often times I feel guilty. So, my wife and I are looking into some way of trying to assist those people that were devastated.”  

Craig Cooper, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, stated that the number one way to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian is monetary donations. Every little bit goes a long way into repairing the damages. Nicole Spector, writer for NBC, stated, “Dozens of other charities are raising money to help aid the survivors of Hurricane Dorian, such as the Salvation Army, Americares, Mercy Corps, and the National Association of the Bahamas.” There are many organizations that are accessible to anyone who would like to make a contribution to this cause.

As Mr. Bill Carder once said, “Anyone can make a lasting impact, it is just whether one will actually take matters into their hands and follow through with their goals.”