A strenuous semester


Seniors at Weber have been working really hard to get their applications in on time.

Joey Rubanenko, Editor-in-Chief

All over the world, high school seniors become heavily stressed at the start of the school year because college applications begin to open and these teenagers don’t have a clue where to start with the entirety of the process. With many seniors still dealing with the ACT and SAT, these stressed out students now have to undertake another arduous process; college applications.

At The Weber School, there are several college counselors who help tremendously to make sure the seniors stay on pace with their applications, making sure they get out before the deadlines for each college. Even with amazing college advisors, seniors are very agitated from the applications. Max Ripans, a Weber senior, stated, “The most stressful part of the college process is figuring out which schools will be best for me. There are plenty of schools I am considering, but picking the right one is really difficult. Also, essays are extremely stressful because you need to make sure what you are writing about is what the colleges want.” Adding on to the college process being strenuous, senior Frankie Grossman claimed, “I’d say the entire process is stressful, but the hardest part is maintaining the stress and remembering to do all the essays and applications.” Frankie stated that she is close to finishing her applications, she just has to finish her Common Application essay.

With many students being well underway with the college process and their applications, they have developed their favorite and most hated concepts of the process. Senior Erin Edwards proclaimed, “My least favorite part is filling out the actual application. Specifically, putting in my activities. It’s just really boring and time consuming. My favorite part is being able to write about whatever I want for the essays. I really feel like I have the opportunity to show who I am and what my life is like. Also, these colleges will see its more than just grades and scores that make someone a good applicant.” Agreeing with Erin, Max Ripans said, “My favorite part of the applications is my essays because it is bomb. It is one of the best essays I have written throughout high school.” He then said that his least favorite part of the applications is his SAT score because it is lower than he wants it to be.

In less than two weeks, one of the more anticipated college applications for Weber School students will be closing; The University of Georgia-Athens. Many students from the senior class will be applying to the school. Senior Max Drucker stated, “I am very happy to turn in the Georgia application because it is the most stressful one I have. It is my top school, so now that I have applied, it is completely out of my control and now in the hands of the University of Georgia admissions team.” Students who apply to the university early action will find out whether they got in or not in late November or early December.

Good luck to all the seniors with their college applications, you got this!