Blackbaud is benefitting Weber students


Students at Weber love the new system after having trouble with PlusPortals and Haiku in previous years.

Sammy Rubin, Arts and Culture Editor

This year, a new grading system was introduced to The Weber School. The goal of this new system is to allow students to see their performance while effectively communicating with their teachers. This is a big deal because students and faculty use this system everyday. The students and faculty at the school need to feel comfortable with their system, because otherwise, there will be many problems that can occur. 

This year at Weber is the third consecutive year the school has a new system. Last year, PlusPortals was being used and the year before that, Haiku was being used. Now with Blackbaud, Weber is finally looking to settle on their grading system. The reason for switching this year? It is because, as Tiffany Klang states, “We needed a system that could have everything under one umbrella.” Meaning that Blackbaud encompasses many different types of systems that the school needs. This includes a calendar, grading software, attendance system, and more.

This was not an easy switch. Weber first had to look at their options and then contemplated which one would be the most convenient. The duration of this process actually took a long time with many people working behind the scenes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This was difficult as there was a lot of pressure. Mrs. Klang explains that “there was a time crunch. We had the summer to do it, but then we lost access to Rediker on a certain date. We had to have everything in Blackbaud by that date or else we would lose all the information that we need. Transferring years of data from one system to another was the biggest challenge.”

There have been no major issues with Blackbaud, but when students were first logging in, they were having some minor troubles. Mrs. Klang stated, “We were having login challenges with Mac computers not having the right cookies… We figured that out and it has been resolved”

As for the opinions of students, they are thrilled about Blackbaud. Junior Paulina Lebowitz stated that “Blackbaud is killing it. It is really easy to navigate the website and it’s so much easier to get onto than PlusPortals. The layout is very intricate… Blackbaud is my favorite.” She even goes on to further state that “PlusPortals is the walmart version of Blackbaud.” Even underclassman are not finding it difficult. Freshman, Carmi Nemhauser says that “Blackbaud makes it easy to see your grades. It’s convenient, especially since it is my first year of high school”

The general consensus is that this system is benefitting Weber and allowing students to access important information. Hopefully this system will remain for years to come.