How to be a successful freshman


The freshmen grade trip was a great bonding experience for the grade. (Mr. Mike Bennett/The Weber School)

Molly Grosswald, Staff Writer

School is back! It is the first year of high school for freshmen students. There are fifty-eight freshmen here at The Weber School. Freshmen are very anxious about the impending school year. They are new to Weber, trying to make new friends, and struggling to pass biology, which can all be extremely stressful. It may take a couple months for them to get in the swing of things. Freshmen have an abundance of questions about high school. Below is helpful advice for freshmen to make their transition a little bit easier.

What social advice would you give to freshmen?

Ms. Skott, an English teacher, said, “Have a positive attitude. Try to get to know as many of your classmates as possible, although you might be nervous, they might be too, and I bet everyone is eager to get to know each other, so really make an effort.”

Senior Avi Price stated, “I think the best advice you could give someone is to focus on school. School is most important. Social life is important, but put your school life first.”

Ms. Lieberman’s, Jewish Studies teacher, response was, “Take advantage of everything that you are interested in. Lots of times when you’re a freshman, you follow around what your friends are doing, which I can understand why you would do that, but my advice to a freshman is to follow your passions. Do the things that you are interested in. If you want to do volleyball, but none of your friends are doing volleyball, do volleyball anyway. So follow your own passions, not just what the crowd’s doing.”

What academic advice would you give to freshmen?

Ms. Skott responded by saying, “If you feel like you’re struggling or need help, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet with your teachers. They would be happy to help you.”

If a freshman is going through a difficult time, what advice would you give to them? 

Bobbi Sloan, a junior, responded with a short and sweet response, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay.”

Rachel Binderman, a sophomore, stated, “I was so focused on the negative, that I didn’t let myself enjoy all of the positive things. If I could tell the freshmen class anything, it would be to let yourself have fun even if you don’t want to because all of the negative feelings you have will go away once you let them.”

Freshmen year will be challenging. It will be tough trying to get good grades, while developing a social life. As long as you have your priorities straight, everything should work itself out. School should be your top priority, but do not forget to take a step back and relax. Go hang out with friends or watch your favorite tv show. Truly take advantage of the easy access you have to get help from your teachers. Make use of all your time at school, so you can have free time at home. The teachers are always available to help you if you are ever struggling, and they want you to do the best you can.

The best advice is to do well in school, have friends who support you, and create strong relationships with the people around you.