Music Midtown: “an instagram reunion”

The insider perspective on Atlanta’s biggest music festival


The Cardi B performance was mesmerizing with an amazing light show. (Courtesy of Kira Berzack)

Talia Neufeld, Social Media Manager

Each September, the thrilling event of Music Midtown becomes the talk of the Weber halls. Students from freshmen to seniors become fascinated by the two day music festival that takes place at Piedmont Park, located in downtown Atlanta. The top headliners were Cardi B, Vampire Weekend, Panic! At the Disco, Billie Eilish, and Travis Scott. Over 60,000 individuals attended the festival this year, enduring the blazing heat of Atlanta. The weekend is filled with mosh pits, overpriced pizza, and obnoxiously loud teenagers. 

As expressed, some students go for the music, while others go for the social scene. Kira Berzack, a sophomore at Weber, explained that, “It’s so fun to get to have two days dedicated to spending time with my friends and seeing my favorite artists perform. The atmosphere is so energetic and wherever I walked, I felt like I knew someone. It was an Instagram reunion.” Senior Jack Toporek said, “My experience at Music Midtown gets better every year. It’s a great place to catch up with old friends, listen to great music, and even eat great food.”

Many Weber students who attend the festival go solely for the music. Ashira Rabinowitz, a Weber junior, expressed her anticipation for one of the performers, when she stated, “MØ was my favorite performer by far! Leading up to Music Midtown, all I did was listen to her music with my friends!” 

The crowd goes wild for Billie Eilish.

Although this Atlanta tradition is anticipated for months, many of the students at Weber decided not to go. Junior Sammy Rubin shared his thoughts on why he chose not to go to Music Midtown stating, “The lineup got worse from last year, and I go for the music. It was awesome last time, but the music is just not for everyone.” 

Not only is this festival popular amongst the students at Weber, but many teachers have also participated in the weekend activities as well. Director of Fine and Performing Arts, Amber Singleton described her perspective of the festival, expressing her views on the atmosphere when she claimed, “It’s filled with lights and the lushness of the grass, the “boom boom” noises from the stages, the stars and the trees, and general excitement that surrounds the park. There’s some sparseness is the outskirts with the people, and the middle of the road crowd – the ones that stand further away from the stage – and the closer you get to the stage, you see everyone jumping up and down and on each others shoulders.”

A variety of students of the junior class stated, “The performances were unforgettable this year, as the artists that performed were captivating and energetic in a myriad of ways.” Anna Wohlberg, a junior, exclaimed, “Lizzo was an incredible performer who exhibited lots of positive energy. She took the time between songs to explain the meaning of the next song and her words were truly inspiring.” Many of the artists made strong connections with their audience, and this aspect enhanced the overall atmosphere of each concert. Junior Maya Granath stated, “At first, I wasn’t into Quinn XCII, but now I love him and listen to him very frequently. Since there were four concerts going on at once, I didn’t prioritize this artist over the other options, but I am so glad that I chose to go to him because now I have an open mind and I am so excited to hear the new music for next year.”

Overall, the Music Midtown experience was filled with excitement and energy, as many of the students had proclaimed, and the majority of the students at Weber enjoyed themselves over this weekend long festival of music. Although some individuals chose not to go this year, there will always be next year for the festivities to continue. As Ms. Singleton states, everyone is always, “Smiling, laughing, singing.”