Weber’s reflection on schools shootings


All over the country, the police force strives to make schools a safer environment.

Camille Yoels, Environmental Editor

How are students supposed to focus on school when they are fearful of a shooter coming through the door?  The United States: There are shootings in churches, Walmarts, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, and schools. In 2018, there were twenty-seven active shooters, and, so far in 2019,  there has been a shooting about every 13 days. What changed between December 31, 2018 and January 1, 2019? Children are afraid to go to school, and parents are afraid to send them. In April 1999, at Columbine High School in Colorado, thirteen people were left dead after two students came to school ready to shoot everyone in sight. After Columbine, America was devastated, but not devastated enough to change the laws. Now twenty years later, and our country has seen over 240 school shootings.

You may be asking, why do school shootings happen? Studies have related bullying as a cause to the Columbine shooting, but what about all of the subsequent shootings? The National Institute for Mental Health evaluated, and concluded “that up to half of all mass shootings are accounted for by people with severe mental illness.”Although, there is no reasonable explanation that can justify for the horrid acts of a school shooting.  

High School students are repulsed by our country and our leaders for not trying harder to change these horrid acts  Being a teenager, it is important to share voice over social media and through school assignments, because our lives are at stake. “When the school shooting happened at Parkland, I was afraid to go to school” stated Emma Price, a freshman at Weber. Skyler Newman, a junior, asserted her opinion and said, “It is frustrating because we are kids, and we are doing  our job by going to school. The adults should be handling what’s going on outside of that, but it has come down to us having to handle it.” Ava Stark, a sophomore stated, “There is not much we can do to prevent it, and we have to accept our reality. The idea of teachers bringing guns to school is proposteus because you cannot fight fire with fire.” It is truly devastating that at this point in time that gun violence is a problem. “The solution is simple, the NRA, the National Rifle Association, needs to stop producing guns, and guns should not be aloud in public period,” argued a current sophomore, Jo Samuels. 

Going to a private school provides much more safety; however, the majority of shooters were students or former students of the school. Weber hand picks each student enrolled in our school, and there are always four policemen on campus at all times. One of our school’s police officers explained “Weber is one of the most secure campuses of all the schools I have been to, due to the gate, the officers on campus, and the protocols they have in place.” Not only do school shootings affect students’ everyday lives, but it also plays a part in determining where teachers will decide to work. “It was not as big of a concern then, so it wasnt really on my mind like it is now,” Dr. Schmidt, a recent addition to the Weber faculty, expressed. “And I think teachers bringing guns to school is absurd,” he said. 

Our school is very safe, but our country, as a whole, is not. As a school we need to stand together and fight for what we know is right. Safety for students, our community and for other innocent lives that may be taken by senseless guns.