Go Long For Luke


Kids of all ages came to support an important cause. (Maya Lewis/The Weber School)

Molly Grosswald, Staff Writer

A student at The Weber School, Sophie Greenfield, started a non-profit organization for autism awareness. While still living in New York, her and two of her friends started a charity supporting autism, called Go Long For Luke. Luke, Sophie’s fifteen year old twin brother, has autism. Go Long For Luke focuses on kids raising awareness for kids with autism.

In September 2013, the first event was held. It was expected to only have twenty kids play flag football, but then around 140 kids ended up playing. Sophie said, “I felt incredibly proud that people in my community showed up to support such a great cause on behalf of my twin brother.” The event exceeded the Greenfield’s expectations and the following four events had even better turnouts. Children ages six to nineteen, with autism or not, can participate. It is a free event and anyone is welcome to come.  

This year, the event was held at The Weber School. At the event there was a photo booth, DJ, auction items from places in Atlanta, and Falcons players. There was a great turnout, with over two hundred and fifty people. It was Sophie Greenfield’s idea to create this extraordinary organization. Sophie said, “I wanted to create this special organization because I wanted to spread awareness around the world for kids with autism and how they should be treated just like any other kid.”

Families around the Atlanta area came with their young children to support the cause. Everyone got a jersey with the Go Long For Luke logo and people entered raffles for different items they were interested in. Aside from gift cards, one of the more desired prizes was a Dominique Wilkins autographed jersey. Irene Sharon, a freshman at Weber, said, “My mom put a ticket for a two hundred dollar nail salon gift card and we won!” There was an abundance of other raffles that people won too. 

Students from The Weber School and other schools attended. A freshman from Weber, Maya Lewis, attended the event. She stated, “It was a really cool event and it is amazing how Sophie created such an incredible organization for her brother and other kids with autism.” It is truly inspiring all the hard work and effort the Greenfield family has dedicated to the cause. Their end goal is to create group homes for kids with autism. Once children with autism reach a certain age, they can no longer go to school. The group home provides these amazing children with a safe and welcoming home. Everyone should support this phenomenal organization because it will help so many kids with autism have the chance to have a spectacular future.