Washington wins World Series


Minute Maid Park, the site of Game 7 in this years’ World Series.(Flickr/verndogs)

Sammy Rubin, Arts and Culture Editor

Heading into the playoffs, the Houston Astros held the best chance at winning the world series at 32%; the Dodgers and Nationals trailed at 23% and 14%, respectively. Many teams were struggling to get into the playoffs. Teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland Athletics, Washington Nationals, and the Milwaukee Brewers barely edged a wildcard spot. MLB fans alike were wondering if the Los Angeles Dodgers would be the runner-up for the third straight year. 

There were some high expectations for the Atlanta Braves this postseason. Weber junior Rami Fabian stated that he “expected the braves to win the NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals and at least put up a fight in the NLCS.” These expectations were not met when the Braves were eliminated in Game 5 of the NLDS. It was especially bitter when the Braves gave up a record setting ten runs in the first inning; the elimination game between the Braves and the Cardinals finished 13-1, with the Cardinals moving on to the next round. On top of everything that transpired, the Nationals, who won the World Series, are also one of the Braves biggest rivals. There is still some hope for them next year. Rami goes on to state that “the loss this year lowers [his] hopes a little bit for next year, but [he] still think that the braves have the ability to win a World Series next year if they make some strong moves over the offseason.”

For other teams, this was a very exciting MLB playoffs. For instance, Jose Altuve sent the Astros to the world series with one swing of the bat. Even though they did not win the World Series, Jose’s walk off bomb was incredibly clutch and cemented his legacy within the Houston Astros organization.

The World Series this year between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros was one for the ages. Juan Soto, the youngest player on the field (20 years old at the time), did not look like a rookie at all. He felt comfortable at the plate and stroked a clean .333 average with three Home Runs and seven Runs Batted In. On the other side of the spectrum, Howie Kendrick (36 years old) showed out when he hit a series turning late home run that pulled the side in their favor. The Astros pitching staff was not effective enough, as the Nationals took the series in the seventh game.

Two MLB veterans, Howie Kendrick and Anthony Rendon in the dugout together (Flickr/David).

To be blunt, this years’ playoffs did not go as expected. For starters, the Washington Nationals only had a 40% chance of getting out of the first round. They surpassed the first round and won the World Series altogether. Not only did the Nationals win the World Series but this World Series was special for different reasons; it is the first World Series in which every single game was won by the road team.