We. Are. The. Champions.


Football players and cheerleaders pose with the 1st place with trophy. (The Weber School)

Joey Rubanenko, Editor-in-Chief

The clock hits zero. The first ever Weber School flag football team has won the championship in the inaugural season of the league. The new league, which was put together by athletic directors from each school, consisted of four, small private schools around the Atlanta area. The schools involved in the league were: The Weber School, Atlanta Classical Academy, The Atlanta Jewish Academy and Fulton Leadership Academy. In the championship game, The Weber School defeated The Atlanta Jewish Academy 18-14.

As remarkable as the championship win was itself, it was also a huge moment for Coach Hall of the Weber flag football team. As he has been coaching for many years at different levels ranging from middle school to the college level, the championship win was Coach Hall’s one-hundredth career win.

Many of the players who were on the team said there were a lot of amazing moments that happened this season. Seth Shapiro, a junior at Weber, stated, “My favorite part of the season was definitely winning the championship. After we had all bonded, came together and worked hard all season, it paid off as we came up with the first place trophy.” Different from Shapiro’s comment, freshman Alec Rubin said, “My favorite moment was after winning our first game of the season. The entire team was pumped up and ready to show the effort we had put in all summer and during the pre-season.

The members of the team had such a fun time this season that they would highly recommend playing next year. Sophomore Justin Jacobs proclaimed, “Anyone who is interested in playing next year should definitely try out. Playing this season showed me how to be loyal as a team. In addition, it was so fun to just go out there with a bunch of my friends and play football almost everyday. As football started at the beginning of school year, I didn’t know many kids and it really gave me the chance to connect with more students from the school I had not known prior to transferring to Weber.” Affirming with Justin Jacobs, Seth Shapiro said, “I would 100% recommend playing flag football to any incoming student wanting to compete in a competitive but fun environment during high school.”

As I also played flag football at Weber this year, I would agree that the season went amazing. At the beginning of the season, I did not talk to many of my teammates. By the end, we worked hard all season and created a bond with one another. I would recommend playing next year to anyone who enjoys playing football and willing to put in the hard work that the coaches ask for. Although I am a senior and will not be back to play next season, I cherished the one season I had the opportunity to play and win the championship with my teammates.