Avocadon’t get me started on where to find the best avocado toast


Fellows Cafe always seems to impress me with their tasty and photogenic avocado toast pictured above. (Instagram/Fellows Cafe)

Kira Berzack, Digital Media Editor

In the early 1990’s a food choice was introduced onto a variety of menus in restaurants throughout the world. It was only until 2010 when avocado toast began to dominate the internet and food culture. The first sighting of this trendy meal option was in 1993 when Sydney chef Bill Granger began serving a simple dish of avocado, lime, sea salt and oil smothered on top of toast at his cafe. Granger said, I also put it in my first cookbook in 1999 called Sydney Food.” As he began serving it, he noticed it was becoming increasingly popular, well-worthy enough for his cookbook. Recognizing how this trend has spread worldwide, he said, “Australian cafe culture is responsible for all of it. I’m certain of this.” 

This menu item has become so liked by many consumers, it is found at plenty of cafes and restaurants to this day. As each place strives to create the idealistic representation of this dish, there are ones that are good and ones that aren’t as great. It is hard to decide on a place to purchase this delicacy from. Due to the fact that there are tons of local stores and small deciding factors between them all, one needs assistance in finding the perfect place for them. 

There are many deciding factors when it comes to choosing the best avocado toast. Whether one focuses on the presentation aspect of it, the taste, the atmosphere, the price or even the creativity it endures. Below are some of my thoughts and takes of avocado toast from various restaurants in the city of Atlanta. 

Beginning with a creative spin to avocado toast, Mission and Market has provided the perfect example. By using pita instead of normal bread; they were able to bring in a Mediteranean feel to such an Americanized dish. Adding to the soft and delicious pita, the addition of naturally beautiful shaved vegetables are placed on top; sitting on a perfectly cooked poached egg. (Mission and Market, Instagram)

Another place that I love going to for avocado toast is Joy Cafe. Joy Cafe has created an unbelievable and unique take on this delicacy by layering the lightly toasted bread with avocado, chopped tomatoes, feta, beetroot hummus and a soft poached egg. The plating at this restaurant is truly beautiful. This is a great place to go to if you are looking for one that is photogenic and packed with a unique flavor. I like the vibe of this cafe because it is very communal-based and aesthetic.  (Joy Cafe, Instagram)

Bread and Butterfly is a nice brunch place to go and get avocado toast if one is feeling for a more simple dish. Instead of having different vegetables or cheeses on top, it is simply topped with avocado, a soft poached egg and a pinch of salt on top. I enjoy eating here when I am looking for just a light breakfast because it is not as filling as others. It comes with a light side salad which adds a nice and citrus taste to the palette. (Bread and Butterfly, Instagram)

Another great one for just a light snack or meal is Flower Child. I love Flower Child because it is a very trendy and vibey area filled with lots of color and graffiti art that adds to its colorful and inviting atmosphere. Flower Child has many different options to choose from, especially tasty toasts. They have an avocado toast that is topped with avocado, a hard boiled egg, black sesame and white cheddar. As simple as it sounds, it definitely fulfills what is wished for.  (Flower Child, Instagram)

One of the best, cutest and warmest brunch places I have ever been to is Fellows Cafe which is in Downtown Roswell. This cafe has great coffee, food and bakery items. They have so many options for different varieties of tasty toasts, bowls and many other items. Their avocado toast is not only perfect for photos, but it tastes amazing. I think one of the reasons it is so good is because it is made with fresh sourdough bread. On top of crunchy and thick bread, their is mashed avocado, radishes, chili flakes, lemon and sea salt. (Fellows Cafe, Instagram)

  There are so many delicious and cute places that one can go and enjoy this delicacy at. Although it is nice to go out and enjoy the atmosphere and community, eating out is not the only way that you can have a tasty avocado toast. Making your own avocado toast not only saves you a lot of money, but it also allows you to implement your creativity into a delicious meal. You can design and customize your toast to demonstrate yourself and your favorite foods through a dish. And the great thing about making homemade avocado toast is that it requires little talent within the kitchen, so if you are not that confident in cooking–you can still do this!

Begin with buying bread, you can choose the type but I prefer fresh sourdough. After that you need some medium ripe avocados, lemon juice and salt. Now for the toppings. You can choose to add nuts like almonds and cashews, cheeses like feta and cheddar, vegetables like radishes, carrots, cucumbers and corn, fruits like strawberries or tomatoes, and protein like smoked salmon or eggs. Decide whether you will add a poached, hard-boiled or fried egg on top, if desired. You can serve it hot or cold, it will be delicious regardless. Once you have topped your toast with all your food selections, you should spice it up. 

My favorite spices include Za’atar, Umami, Everything Bagel Salt, Masala powder, chili powder, cumin or any other spices. Fresh basil can add a splash of taste to anything and everything so do not be shy with it. It can be difficult to make the decision of what to pair each ingredient with and how to make it taste appealing. To help, here are some of my favorite food pairings to place on the toast.

For a sweet take on avocado toast, here is a good recipe for you. After smashing the avocado and putting it on the bread, add sliced nectarines, feta and almonds. The next idea is a recipe if you enjoy that crunchy feeling. On top of the avocado place pomegranate seeds and pistachios to get a sweet and savory flavor. If you are more hungry and are feeling slightly fancy then this next one will be a good choice. By pairing a fruit with cheese, you are able to create an incredible taste and acquired taste. Add gorgonzola cheese, pears, toasted walnuts and a dash of honey on top of avocado toast to implement a sweet kick to it. If you love Caprese salads, I recommend this one for you: after adding the mashed avocado to the toast, top it with sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, basil leaves and balsamic vinegar. 

There are millions of combinations of different foods that one can add to to create the perfect avocado toast for themselves. Impress yourself by creating your own special and creative dish or go and enjoy an amazing avocado toast at one these lovely restaurants.