Behind the scenes of the fall showcase


The cast performing “This Joint is Jumpin.” (The Weber School)

Isaac Lambert, Photographer

You Will Be Found was the first show under the direction of the new theatre director Brad Bass at the Weber School. This semester Bass wanted to build up talent and work on this showcase. Instead of daily rehearsals after school to work on the show, each day was structured differently to work on a different skill: Mondays were dancing, Tuesdays were singing, Wednesdays were acting, and then Thursdays were dedicated to the showcase. 

Bass is the brand new theatre director, and this was his first semester. Being in three Broadway productions and directing, the Orbit Arts Academy has given Bass all the experience required to create a nurturing educational environment. “I really enjoyed working with everyone, and it has been one of my favorite theatre experiences so far. I really look forward to doing the next show,” says Amelia Heller (freshman). Bass runs the troup with the notion that everyone involved should be a family. At the beginning of the semester, he laid out three rules: Be kind and supportive to everyone, don’t talk over people, and wear deoderant.

This show was done differently than the musicals typically produced at Weber. There were no characters and no plot. Instead, the show was made up of various musical performances and anecdotes to show how theatre found members of the cast. Some numbers included dancing and choreography, while others incorporated playing piano while singing. The song “This Joint is Jumpin’,” had the whole cast tap dancing. Most of the students had never tapped before, and Bass taught the song from scratch.

There was also lots of room for creativity. One of the numbers was called “Never Enough Titanium,” and was the combined product of Bass, Miriam Burmenko(freshman), and John Burke, the musical director. “I couldn’t decide between the two songs ‘Never Enough, and ‘Titanium’ and Bass and Burke realized they had the same tempo, so they put it together,” said Burmenko. The songs meshed together perfectly, and the final product ended up being a great hit. “I really enjoyed the creativity it allowed me to express,” said Burmenko.

Before rehearsals for the show, the directors and the members of the troup picked an overarching theme to go with the show. The theme they chose was “freedom,” because high school is a time of many more freedoms than before: a lot of students start to drive, or get their licenses, and many haven’t been able to pick their classes as much as they can now. 

The audience appreciated the show as well and all the hard work that went into it. “I really enjoyed the show, and everybody sounded great,” said Kinneret Weissmark, an audience member. “It was really cool so see my friends up on the stage. I sit at lunch with them, and it was really fun to see them there together singing.” 

Everybody involved in the show enjoyed working with the cast and crew, and is excited to be in “Once On This Island,” next semesters musical. If it’s anything like this last semester, everyone will have a great time and learn a lot.