Conflict ensues after killing of Islamic Jihad leader


IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade in Gaza (Flickr/Israel Defense Forces).

Sammy Rubin, Arts and Culture Editor

Since the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014, the tension between Israelis and Palestinians has been chaotic. It continued to get worse when Israel killed Abu al-ata, a known terrorist. Israel has issued an explanation for the killing with the IDF Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, stating that “This man was a live ticking bomb. Even in recent days, he worked and planned attacks and was meaning to carry them out.” Israel is trying to send a message to other terrorists while also attempting to catch this trouble before anything ensues. 

The response to this event was the rocket fire at Be’er Sheva, which sent a message saying that Hamas was coming back and taking part in the resistance against Israel. There are other factions besides Hamas who want to dictate policy, but Hamas is leading the way.

In Israel, the sky was crowded with projectiles; reports estimated that as many as 400 rockets were fired in total. Even though there was a substantial amount of rockets being fired, the Iron Dome defended against most of these but some still managed to slip through. After 48 hours of fighting, a ceasefire went into effect. 

Nehemia Gershuni
The Iron Dome protects against rockets fired from Gaza (Flickr/Israel Defense Forces).

In order to prepare for battle, additional soldiers were brought to Israel. Weber sophomore Rami Fabian said that the conflict between Israel and Gaza “is something that [his family] deals with a lot, especially with Dani (his brother and Weber alumni) in the army. [His brother] actually guarded the border for 5 months during his service and it was a scary time.” He later adds that “I couldn’t be more proud of my brother for what he is doing. It is the most noble thing he could do, and he didn’t have to do it. He wanted to protect our homeland and our Jewish Israeli brothers. He has put his life in danger so Jews around the world have a safe place to call home if they ever need it. I am truly so proud and amazed by him.”

These weapons not only cause physical injuries but emotional detriment as well. Twenty- three Isralies were reported to have had anxiety attacks and one girl had a heart attack due to all of this stress. This danger is causing immense anxiety among those involved. Israeli Weber Freshman Idan Azani stressed, “These recent attacks have me worrying about my family back home. I am scared for their safety. Hopefully there will be a long term solution soon.”

We all want this problem to stop and are worried about Israel’s future. Some are more confident than others. Weber Jewish Studies Teacher Chaya Lieberman explains that, “As a mother and grandmother I am deeply worried about my children and grandchildren in Israel. As a Jewish person I worry about the safety of the Jewish homeland and as a human and observant Jew, I worry about the treatment of all people.” But when asked if she is scared of losing Israel, Chaya replied “Not at all.”

Jews everywhere have faith in one another and we are fighting this together. We can’t normalize all the atrocities that are happening and only with persistence will this fight be terminated.