Finals week?


Study time!

Camille Yoels, Environmental Editor

What is going on with finals week? Do we have a finals week schedule? Are all classes tests cumulative? 

As December is here, finals are soon to come. Although this year’s finals week was questionable, the deans and teachers decided it was imperative. Some classes will take tests, which will either be a cumulative final or a unit test. Multiple classes can have projects or other summative assignments instead of a final. Depending on the subject and material, the test will either count as one summative grade, or up to 30% percent of your grade in the class. 

Finals week starts December 16th and ends December 20th. First and second block exams will be held on Monday, following all the way to blocks seven and eight exams on  Thursday. The first test will begin at 8:00 am each day, and the second test of each day will begin at 11:30 am. Some classes do not have exams, so students will be free to go. 

  Head of the Science Department and Senior Grade Dean, Mrs. Brite explained that “all science classes will have unit tests or projects besides the AP classes.” The AP classes will have their own assignments from their teachers. Hebrew class exams will be explained by your teacher as well as history classes. Dr. Rothstein, Head of the Social Studies Department at Weber, clarified, “Every teacher has their own thing, so some classes will have projects while other classes will have tests. Some tests will be cumulative if they are semester-long classes, but it just depends on the teacher.” 

Students throughout Weber are feeling many different ways about finals this year. Jolie Intro, a Weber freshman explained, “I am nervous for my first finals week, but I am going in with a positive attitude.” Rachel Binderman, a sophomore said, “With finals week coming up, I feel stressed, but I am excited because it marks the end of the semester.” There are many factors to doing well on finals including, reviewing material, meeting with teachers, and asking others for help. Lilah Presser, a junior advised to “start studying two weeks in advance.” Students have many ways to study, but doing well also has to do with mental health. Being in the correct mindset is the road to success. By believing in yourself, and taking a test with confidence is key. Starting your day with a good breakfast and a long night of sleep is important as well.

Finals week might be stressful and difficult: however, if you manage your time wisely, and work hard, it will pay off. Study right, stay positive and believe in yourself.