The newest tradition

A few seconds after the big win of the flag football championship game! (The Weber School)

A few seconds after the big win of the flag football championship game! (The Weber School)

Talia Neufeld, Social Media Manager

After my fifteenth sprint, I started to feel a rush of nausea reach my head. My hands were sweaty; my legs felt as if they were about to collapse. Feeling sick, I had to sit down and take a breath. No this was not at soccer practice, nor was it at a cross country meet. It was cheer, a real sport with true athletic prowess needed. Yes, cheer is a real sport, and not an “activity” or “hobby,” as some may call it. Behind the scenes, cheerleading is an entirely different sport beyond the stereotypes that are assumed by the Weber community. 

Students on the Weber cheer squad were asked about their experience, and most replied with relatively positive responses. Lili Stadler, a junior at Weber, claimed, “Cheer is always so fun and puts me in a good mood. Bonding with my teammates has been one of my favorite parts and cheering at the games with so much spirit is always a good time! We practice really hard every day to perfect our cheers for the games. Cheering takes a lot of hard work and commitment and I’m happy to be apart of the team.” One of the newest additions to the cheer team, Jordyn Starr, gave her thoughts on being a part of the team, “Weber cheer has taught be to have school spirit and showed me how hard Weber athletes work and the importance of supporting your friends during times of athletic intensity.”

Recently, Weber introduced a new tradition of bringing a pep-rally to the community. Along with this new addition, the Weber cheer team was formed. About 15 girls make up the cheer squad, encouraging wrestling, swimming, flag football, basketball, soccer, and baseball all year long. The newly established tradition of the pep-rally will take place each coming year in November, and this will continue for the years to come. The cheerleaders introduce the upcoming winter sports teams along with a performance and other activities. The founding staff member of cheer, Coach Lagala, described the initial motive for cheer when she stated, “I was motivated by the students at Weber to start this cheerleading program. The students brought the idea to us (the Athletic Department) and we knew it would help elevate the spirit here at Weber.”

After witnessing the second annual Weber pep-rally, Micha Reich, a junior, gave his opinion on the experience, stating, “I felt like there was a new spirit of school enthusiasm and pride. The cheerleaders did a good job of hyping everyone up and of showing off Weber’s new athletic pride. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of enthusiasm. It adds spirit by giving the athletic teams good encouragement and representation.” 

“Weber spirit makes school fun! I always feel like I can be myself and do whatever I want without being afraid I’ll be judged. It’s a welcoming and accepting environment that makes me feel like part of a community and makes Weber more than just a typical school,” said Carly Spandorfer after coming out of the pep-rally. 

This new addition to Weber has had a positive outcome on the community at our school, and it goes without saying that Weber cheer is a big commitment that makes a large impact on school spirit. As a former cheerleader, I can say that being part of this team was amazing and truly eye-opening. Our school is looking forward to the upcoming sports seasons with the enthusiastic and powerful Weber cheer team!