Advice for your first AP


Material in AP World consists of learning about many different countries across the globe. (Arun Venkatesan/Flickr).

Cate Samuels, Style Editor

As a sophomore at The Weber School, the first AP class available to us is AP World History. AP World is notorious for being one of the tougher AP classes at Weber, with the amount of work we are given, the high performance expectation and also that we just aren’t used to the stressful atmosphere of the fast pace class. When I was considering the class as a freshman I wasn’t sure I wanted to accept the challenge, but after being in it for a semester, I’m happy that I decided to take it. Although it was definitely a reach, I feel like it taught me strong study habits and helped me to become more organized. 

What advice would you give to someone who is considering taking ap world and how do you keep up with the workload?

Kira Berzack, a sophomore at Weber had this to say about the class, “Being in an AP class gives you a feeling that exemplifies the rationale to why you are in the class. In the moment, the work load seems stressful—but once you complete all that is required, you feel such a sense of relief. Looking back at all I have accomplished, I am definitely proud. Being able to stay up to date with work, doing well on tests and being able to make connections between different time periods is all worthwhile. Although there is a lot of work, it is necessary to maintain a strict schedule—one that you will follow. I have set up days dedicated to ap world. I know that if I do not plan in advance and instead procrastinate, the level of my work will be lower than if I set my standards high and begin working earlier.”

What has been your biggest challenge in AP world?

Jo Samuels said, “The shift from relying on your teacher to becoming self dependent and much more responsible is challenging because you are held responsible for all the work you produce with little input or guidance from the teacher”

Do you think you have to have a certain mentality going into ap world?

Ava Kaplan replied, “I knew what I was getting myself into so I was prepared to put the work in, but for people who didn’t it was kind of a shock because the environment of the class is very fast pace and serious. You have to go into the class ready to sit down every class, pay attention, be focused and organized. I think the class can be manageable and worthwhile if you are willing to put your all into it.”

As I look back on the past couple months, and the few to come, I am happy with my decision to take the class. It was a definitely a stretch for me but it helped teach me how to split my time to do work and to be organized. I have learned so much about the world and I am able to connect it to my daily life. This class has given me confidence to push and motivation to do well in school. If you are debating taking this class I say go for it, it might seem daunting in the beginning but it will be worth it in the end.