Road to the Super Bowl II


Millions of sports fans watch the biggest football game of the year.(NFL)

Joey Rubanenko, Editor-in-Chief

With just one game left in the National Football League playoffs, the tournament consisting of the 12 best football teams, has been wild. This years playoffs have consisted of crazy comebacks, exciting plays, and insane upsets. The final game of the playoffs, known as the Super Bowl, has incited excitement for fans across the country. The two teams that have made it to the final game are The San Francisco 49ers, who beat The Green Bay Packers in the NFC Conference Championship, and The Kansas City Chiefs, who beat The Tennessee Titans in the AFC Conference Championship. The Super Bowl will be played on Feb. 2nd at The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Many students at The Weber School are extremely entertained about how the National Football League playoffs have been. Isaac Goldman, a huge sports fanatic and senior at Weber, stated, “This has been my favorite NFL playoffs since the Falcons went to the Super Bowl. My favorite part of the playoffs have been The Tennessee Titans because they pulled off two amazing upsets against two of the best teams in the league. It was really satisfying to see The New England Patriots lose early in the playoffs.” The Titans, who were the last team to make the playoffs, unexpectedly beat The New England Patriots and The Baltimore Ravens. Soon after, they would go on to lose to The Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Conference Championship.

For The Kansas City Chiefs, making it to the championship game is huge for the franchise, as the the team has not won the trophy since 1970. Not only have they not won the Super Bowl since 1970, but this is the first time playing in the Super Bowl since 1970, too.

As for The San Francisco 49ers, the Super Bowl is not as important to its history of the franchise as they were in the Super Bowl just a short seven years ago in 2013, where they lost to The Baltimore Ravens with a score of 34-31. To add on, the 49ers have five Super Bowl rings under their belt, four more than the Chiefs. 

Many students at Weber have their predictions on who they think will win the Super Bowl on February 2nd. Jeremy Seir, a Weber senior, said, “I think The San Francisco 49ers are going to win. Although their offense is not as good as the Chiefs offensive, their team as a whole is much more complete because their defense is significantly better than Kansas City’s defense.” Disagreeing with Seir, junior Jake Powers thinks The Kansas City Chiefs are going to take home the trophy. He said, “The Chiefs offense is way too strong to be stopped. They have the best quarterback in football and there is no way he will let them lose this game.”

The most anticipated sporting event of the year will go down to the wire as these two motivated teams take the field in Miami.