The RamPage


The RamPage is the online student newspaper of The Weber School. Previously in print until 2011, the publication has been revived as an online publication since Spring 2017. As a student publication, The RamPage serves the Weber community and strives to provide complete, fair and ethical coverage, and acts as a forum for students expression. The topics covered are decided by the staff, which meets every other day in Journalism class, with input from the advisor.

In an effort to ensure accuracy, objectivity and fairness, The RamPage adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, as well as to its own Policy, Ethics and Style Handbook. The publication is a member of the Jewish Scholastic Press Association.


Editorials published by the staff collectively will be credited to “Staff” and reflect the majority opinion of the staff. Editorials published by students independently will be credited to that student, and the contents within are not endorsed by The RamPage.

As described in The RamPage Policy, Ethics and Style Handbook, the publication reserves the right to refuse any submissions and may edit those submissions for length, clarity, fairness, among other categories.

Student submissions may be uploaded here, emailed to rampage [at] weberschool [dot] org. If it is confidential or a news tip, please speak to the Editor-in-Chief or one of the Managing Editors in person.


Please email the publication at rampage [at] weberschool [dot] org with any comments, concerns or corrections. Also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.